Jim Ivey’s Sunday Comics

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  1. Isn’t Yardley the fellow who had as a mascot team both a small, beret-wearing version of himself and a kitty cat (one that would actively register the presence of ladies via tail signals)?

    I remember trying to look up Yardley, to see if there were any collections of his works…couldn’t find any, but I did see references that he did work on election broadcasts by the Sun’s TV station in the 50s. Caricatures, perhaps?

  2. Hey Jim, just wanted to say I’m really liking your book which just arrived this week. The personalized cartoon inside was nice, and I’m assuming the a faint cigar aroma was a free extra. 🙂
    –joe c

  3. Hey Joe C,

    All of Jim’s books come with a faint cigar smell. I have some that I got in his shop over 30 years ago and when I open them up, it’s like a time machine.

    Another of the great things about spending time with Jim [besides the cigar smoke — which never bothered me] was his great stories. I am so glad that Alan is giving Jim a forum and that Jim is using it to full effect.

    I am already looking forward to next Sunday!

    – Craig Zablo

  4. Hi EOC – You’re thinking of Richard Yardley, the long-time editorial cartoonist on the Baltimore Sun. Ralph Yardley was on the Stockton Record.


  5. Hi EOC –
    I assume Jim meant Richard rather than Ralph since Ralph was retired (and perhaps dead) by that time. Considering I’m having trouble keeping the two Yardleys straight just to write this message I think Jim’s error fifty years after the event is eminently forgivable. I didn’t catch the error in Jim’s toon even after looking up in my files which was which to respond to your initial question!


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