Herriman Saturday

Not to stretch a point, but after seeing last night’s coverage of the Olympics opening ceremonies I can’t help but draw a parallel with our Herriman Saturdays. The actual event was obviously spectacular but we only got to see it through a glass darkly. The coverage last night was utterly horrendous, with more commercial breaks than actual coverage, and the camera work was so awful that you often only got the vaguest sense of what was going on. What’s your problem NBC?

Our Herriman Saturday scans are much the same. Trust me that between having to work off of microfilm photocopies, and the pathetic resolution of monitors limiting the detail, you are only seeing a watered down representation of Herriman’s genius in these posts.

Today’s first cartoon is from April 9 1907, and it headlined a full page story about the Examiner providing free rides to 4000 children to go see the Sells-Floto circus that is in town. No free circus tickets, just transport.

The other two cartoons are from Sunday the 14th. The first is in regard to one of the many athletic events organized under the Hearst banner. I believe there are still athletic events at USC under the auspices of the Hearst organization. This one was strictly for schoolkids and looks like everyone must have had a blast.

Finally, Herriman heralds the spring when a young man’s fancy turns not so much to love as the hankering to buy a car.

All three of these cartoons were full page width.

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