News of Yore 1952: Heads of State Love, Hate the Funnies

Farouk Has ‘Harold Teen’ To Console Him in Exile

E&P, 8/9/52

A few weeks before his abdi­cation from the throne of Egypt, former King Farouk requested and received a set of cards bearing drawings of characters in the “Harold Teen” comic strip, syndi­cated by the Chicago Tribune-New York News Syndicate un­der the pen of Carl Ed, the artist.

Like millions of American youngsters, Farouk collects cards that are distributed from time to time with candy cigarettes. A few years ago characters of the comic strips marketed by CTNYNS were stamped on cards distributed with candy bars manufactured by a Cambridge, Mass., candy company.

Lacking from Farouk’s collec­tion was a set of “Harold Teen” cards, including Harold, Lillums, Shadow Smart, Pop Jenks and other characters.

In mid-June Farouk’s private secretary asked a collector in Bris­tol, England to supply the set for him. The collector did not have the set and forwarded the request to Col. Robert R. McCormick, edi­tor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune. Col. McCormick turned the request over to the syndicate managers and Carl Ed. A set of cards was assembled and sent to Egypt. With them Mr. Ed sent two original drawings.

A note of thanks from Farouk was sent to Mr. Ed and the syndi­cate by H. Husny, the then king’s private secretary. Whether former King Farouk has taken his cartoon collection with him into exile, Mr. Ed hasn’t heard.

News and Notes
E&P, 9/27/52

Prime Minister Nehru of India told the All-India Newspaper Ed­itors’ Conference last week that he “couldn’t stand what are called comic strips. I am supposed to laugh, but I feel very gloomy.” He said he would “even pay money to escape from them.”

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