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This wasn’t part of Jim’s series, just a strip that he sent me in one of his letters. Jim may not be a computer guy, but he sure does seem to know what people do on the web. Since I can monitor referrals to the blog I can confirm that a surprising percentage of visits to Stripper’s Guide are from people googling something other than comic strips. Some of the searches that land people here are rather embarrassingly specific — the most memorable being “black dwarf strippers for parties in flint michigan”. I sincerely hope that our man in Flint gave up his bizarre quest and was content with reading some old comic strips instead. Or perhaps I should take the blog in a different direction…

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2 comments on “Jim Ivey’s Sunday Comics

  1. Conversely, I could access your site from work with no problem for quite awhile; then they put in a new internet guard. I was called on the carpet for trying to enter porn sites on the company system. I explained my way out of it but your site is still verboten on the basis of name alone.

  2. LOL! Leave it to Jim!

    Perhaps he should do some strips about the calls he used to get for the Cartoon Museum… car tune ups — when are the cartoons going to be shown, etc.

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