Herriman Saturday

The first cartoon, printed on the Examiner’s March 5 1907 front page, is a great example of yellow journalism. Of course the DA knows these guys — L.A. government in these days was small and naturally everybody knew everybody. This sort of thing might find a home today on an editorial page, but definitely not as a news headline.

The second and third cartoons were printed on the Examiner’s sports page on the 7th, one splashed across the top, the other along the bottom, full page wide. Herriman was often tapped for dog show coverage — don’t know if it was at his request or if he just got stuck with the assignments. Sorry about the quality of the bottom cartoon. Microfilmed newspaper pages tend to be particularly bad at the bottom of the page (I imagine the focus favors the top) so this one was in pretty bad shape.

One comment on “Herriman Saturday

  1. “Gentlemen, with your kind permission I would like to investigate you.” An example of how you don’t need to know the full background to appreciate the cartoon (although the headlines give some big hints). Hilarious!

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