News of Yore 1952: Competition for Mark Trail on the Way

New Sunday Page Has Love, Adventure, Nature
By Erwin Kroll (E&P,8/23/52)

Following through on the new versatility theme, Chicago Tribune – New York News Syndicate comes up with “Glen Forrest,” a new Sunday color comic feature wrapping up adventure, a nature background, lots of villains and a romantic in­terest all in one neat third-page pack­age. First release date is Sept. 14.

Accompanying the adventure comic is “Catesby,” a Sunday strip by the same artist which may be used by itself or as a pendant to convert “Glen Forrest” to half-page size. “Catesby” is a gag strip with a nature angle, available in color or black-and-white.

Creator of “Glen Forrest” and “Catesby” is William Ferguson, an old hand at newspaper features. He left his Kansas farm at the age of 18 to study at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, took cours­es under editorial cartoonist Carey Orr and under Carl Ed, who draws the “Harold Teen” strip. He joined the Chicago Tribune art staff in 1920, later left to do cartoons and comic strips for midwest farm dailies.

In 1927 Mr. Ferguson went to NEA Service, for which he created “This Curious World,” a strange-nature-facts feature. Since 1947 he has been a traveling lecturer for the National Audubon Society. Nature settings for “Glen Forrest” will be based on Mr. Ferguson’s surroundings at his Colorado home near Rocky Mountain Na­tional Park.

[has anyone ever seen an example of this Catesby topper? I’ve never found one. And howzabout the very odd terminology for a topper used here — pendant feature — never heard that one before! – Allan]

[EDIT: Todd Hillmer sent me a sample of Catesby — thanks Todd!]

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