Herriman Saturday

On February 28 and March 2 Herriman continues his series of editorial cartoons on a municipal graft scandal (including one of his first front page cartoons, the one from the 28th). Herriman apes Opper’s style on the one from the 2nd.

On Sunday the third of March Herriman contributes a caricature of George Ade. Ade, the popular author of Fables in Slang, is visiting California probably hawking his new book The Slim Princess.

The final cartoon, printed in the Sunday Automobile section of the Examiner, is in its raw form. Sorry I didn’t clean this one up but I’m on deadline for two comics related projects and I also want to finish the renovations on a room in our house this weekend — only so many hours in a day. Heck, maybe you folks will tell me you like it better this way and I can dispense with the many hours of restoration I do on these images every week.

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