Dell Publishing’s “The Funnies” Part 8

Today we have a round-up of the smaller daily-style strips that were running in my issue of The Funnies. First up we have Animal Crackers by Lane. This seems to be a renamed reprint or continuation of In Jungleland, an obscure series distributed by Paramount Feature Service a few years earlier. That series and this one both credited the strip sometimes to Lane, sometimes to Whitey.

Yet another VEP production, Clancy The Cop was one of the Dell features that got its own reprint book.

And here’s Now You Tell One by Dunkel. I assume this is Courtney Dunkel. It’s kind of a cute idea, a light-hearted pastiche of Ripley and all his imitators.

Here’s Private Rhodes by Joe Archibald. His only other syndicated feature came from the Graphic Syndicate, but he did quite a bit of work for The Funnies, much of it quite snappy as the above example ably shows.

And here’s the amateur artists feature in The Funnies. I draw your attention to the effort by Joe Simon. The Joe Simon we all know would have been fifteen at the time, and was in New York, not St. Louis, but could it be? We also have Frank Filchock, who went on to become a comic book artist in the 30s and 40s under the name Martin Filchock.


This was to be the final installment of Dell’s The Funnies on the Stripper’s Guide blog, but I hope you’re itchin’ for more, because big-hearted Cole Johnson sent me beautiful color photocopies of his issue of The Funnies with lots of different features and neat stuff that, as it says in the sidebar over to your left, I don’t want to file away unseen. So I hope you’re enjoying this material because we’re going to feature it for another week.

I must admit that the series is disappointing for me in the respect that no one appeared with proof that the Dell section did indeed run as an insert in an American paper, or that some of the features continued in newspapers after the section went belly-up. Ah well, such is life!

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  1. Joe Archibald is best known as a writer and editor for pulps. In the mid 1950s, he edited both ned Pines pulp and comic book line (and drew comic book fillers at that time)

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