Dell Publishing’s “The Funnies” Part 13

Fair warning! If you read the three strips above you will feel like you’ve utterly wasted 30 seconds of your life.

Sniffy we’ve seen already, it’s by Glen Wood, and Colonel Knutt is another Courtney Dunkel strip. Both prove that good art does not save bad writing, even in pantomime.

Cookie Pushers is by Buford Tune. Tune was concurrently in the middle of a three year stint as the final cartoonist on Doings of the Duffs, and would later gain a measure of lasting success as the creator of Dotty Dripple, a strip that ran for 30 years. In this awful strip the ‘gag’ is actually self-contained in the final two panels, all the preamble signifying nothing. And the gag is such a clunker I bet even Pink Laffin would have rejected it.

The slang term “cookie pusher” at the time referred to a lazy person who curried favor by giving compliments (typically undeserved). Later on it morphed into a more specific term used as a pejorative for junior diplomats. Awful strips and an etymology lesson — it’s a bad day to visit the Stripper’s Guide blog.

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