News of Yore 1952: Small World to Debut

Frailties of Modern Life In New HT Comic Strip
By Erwin Knoll 8/9/52

Sam Brier sounds like a man with a mission. Through the comic strip medium he wants to show us all the small facets which to­gether form the pattern of Ameri­can family life— the things he calls “the frailties of modern living.” And he wants to do this without being malicious or snide; there’s quite enough viciousness in the comics now without his help, he feels.

As a medium for this project Mr. Brier has worked out a comic strip called “Small World,” which the Herald Tribune Syndicate will offer for nation-wide release in three or four-column size begin­ning Oct. 13. The strip will fea­ture the day-to-day activities of a couple of youngsters playing house, and will reflect the routine problems of adult life. Mr. Brier, a modest man, thinks “Small World” is “a beautiful medium” for getting across his ideas.

Though technically a “gag-a-day” strip, the emphasis in the new feature will be on humor rather than gags. The traditional last-panel kick will be played down in favor of a general atmosphere of friendliness and innocence.

Mr. Brier, 29, has been cartoon­ing for 13 years, selling panels to some of the nation’s leading slick magazines. In addition, he has been designing childrens’ toys for the past two years. Before that, he spent his spare time singing pro­fessionally with bands and in night clubs. A native of Montreal, he now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two young sons, whom he depends upon for most of the ideas he will incorporate into “Small World.”

2 comments on “News of Yore 1952: Small World to Debut

  1. This strip has been a favorite of mine,ever since I copied a run from the late fifties from the International Herald Tribune 25 years ago. A charming little strip, with remarkable art. A very clever variation on the sort of thing Charles Shutlz was doing. I would love to see a couple of samples, especially if there was a sunday version as wellOh, wait – there probably isn’t. I have a Herald Tribune sunday from 1952 that says the strip is weekdays only…

  2. Hi Ger –
    I too really like Small World, though its pretty derivative of Peanuts (perhaps its first imitator!). There was definitely no Sunday.


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