Dell Publishing’s “The Funnies” Part 10

Now that I have Cole Johnson’s early copy of The Funnies (#10) in hand it reveals a few problems in Beerbohm’s Overstreet listing for the title, at least in my several year old edition, #36. Perhaps the problems have already been cleared up in later editions.

  • the section was originally 24 pages, not 16 — sometime between Cole’s copy and mine the size dropped, probably when the price dropped from 10 cents to 5 cents.
  • the publication was not always a weekly; Cole’s is dated September 1929, the indicia states monthly publication and a blurb says the next issue will be available on October 15. Assuming monthly frequency for the first ten issues, that puts #1 published December 1928, not in 1929, which is borne out in the indicia which states “entered as second class matter December 27 1928”.

Also, for those interested in such details, this issue had some credits; Harry Steeger was the editor and Abril Lamarque was comic art editor.

For today’s strips, we have another of Ralph Wolfe’s Sancho and the Don, plus a newcomer, Eveready Eddie by Moe Leff. Mo, as he would later sign himself, supplied the art for a couple of Joes (Jinks and Palooka) and as a ghost on who knows how many other features.

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