Dell Publishing’s “The Funnies” Part 4

Here’s Sancho and the Don by Ralph Wolfe. It sometimes appeared in the section as a color page, in my issue it’s a half-tab black and white. Wolfe was a good cartoonist and storyteller — he had a knack for coming up with good strip ideas. Unfortunately he also had a knack for picking out bad companies to work for. In addition to this Dell project he also worked for the Graphic Syndicate and Cornelius Vanderbilt’s C-V Syndicate. I understand he finally managed to pick a winner when he went to Warner Brothers, working in their animation studio.

3 comments on “Dell Publishing’s “The Funnies” Part 4

  1. Hello, Allan—Is it possible that this was actually drawn by Gordon “Boody” Rogers? It certainly looks like his style, shading, and lettering. Even the initials “RG” (“Rogers Gordon”?) look like his signature. —–Cole Johnson.

  2. Hi Cole –
    It certainly could since Rogers was involved with The Funnies. His (signed) strip will be shown here anon. I can see elements of both Wolfe’s and Roger’s styles here — maybe Boody inked Wolfe’s pencils or something to that effect?


  3. Ralph actually lives on, in that the Ralph Wolf (versus Sam Sheepdog) character at WB was named for him. (Source: Steve Schneider, “That’s All Folks!”, page 231, though the name is spelled Wolf there)

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