Dell Publishing’s “The Funnies” Part 2

Hmm. The first post about The Funnies yesterday was greeted with the deafening roar of virtual cricket chirpings. No one has any information to share?

Well, anyway, here’s our first strip from The Funnies. Jimmy Jams was by VEP (Victor Pazimino), who did anchor duty at that publication. He provided every cover that I’ve seen, always featuring Jimmy in one of his eponymous jams. I suspect that Jimmy appeared in every issue and was featured on every cover.

As you can see, the sample above was treated rudely by some young rapscallion 75+ years ago.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Jimmy Jams, prior to this incarnation, was a Central Press daily panel in the late 20s.

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  1. Perhaps someone should bring this blog investigation into the The Funnies to the attention of the folks at Platinum Comics list? I imagine we could generate the discussion, and maybe “newer” from Bob B himself…

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