Obscurity of the Day: Otto’s Auto

Here’s one of the many panel features marketed by Ledger Syndicate. Otto’s Auto was unsigned and the credit in the E&P listing was just to ‘Otto’. The delightful art kind of has the look of a style sometimes used by Dorman H. Smith to me. I’m probably off-base though since he was busy at NEA at the time. Another dim possibility might be F.G. Cooper. Anybody else have a guess about the mystery artist?

Otto’s Auto was syndicated in 1927-28. Sorry, haven’t been able to pin down exact dates on this one.

Thanks to Cole Johnson who supplied the samples.

One comment on “Obscurity of the Day: Otto’s Auto

  1. Hello, Allan—–I’ve found OTTO’S AUTO starting in the Philadelphia ILLUSTRATED SUN on August 8, 1927. One of the staff artists on this PUBLIC LEDGER-owned paper was Ray Rohn—Do you think he’s the artist here? Looks like his stuff to me.————-Cole Johnson.

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