Jim Ivey’s Sunday Comics

Order Jim Ivey’s new book Cartoons I Liked at Lulu.com or order direct from Ivey and get the book autographed with a free original sketch.

3 comments on “Jim Ivey’s Sunday Comics

  1. Ahhh, bliss! Now this is some good material, the stuff to give the troops.

    I have seen a few (VERY FEW) of Cliff Berryman’s Washington Post-era cartoon books for sale. Most of the Berryman stuff I have is in books on John Nance Garner, plus a magazine put out by the National Archives (which has an absolutely hilarious cartoon by Berryman from 1914 imagining Wilson, a notorious dry stick, enjoying dog fights, baseball, peanuts and lemonade, Indian wrasslin’, &c.)

    C.K. Berryman fascinates me. Amazing line work, but why on earth he insisted on labeling everyone was always a mystery to me.

    It’s a shame that a lot of Washington Evening Star cartoons are probably not available for perusal, absent tremendous efforts by folks like the sitekeeper.

    My fave Washington Evening Star anecdote: one of the owners of the Star was complaining to the owner of the Post (Eugene Meyer) that he was having difficulty sleeping. Meyer snapped the guy ought to read his own paper.

    Washington Evening Star, RIP.

  2. I saw Jim at MegaCon and he had some books on hand. Naturally I picked up an autographed copy. It’s a nice package. I’m pretty sure Jim sold out of what he brought. I sent everyone over that either knew Jim or would be interested.

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