Herriman Saturday

Happy new year 1907! On January 1st Herriman covers the on again-off again Jim Jeffries comeback fight. Things aren’t looking good, as the headline confirms. So Jeffries gets comfy while a couple of pigs get busy. Slipped that one past the editor, eh, George?

On January 3 we witness what may be a truly singular occurrence in American newspaperdom — the Examiner prints a sports page cartoon about a Sumo match! Perhaps more amazing still is that Herriman doesn’t take the low road — the humor is observational, not over-the-top racist as with most everything printed about Asians in the west coast papers of this period.

On the 4th Herriman goes after the gas companies again. The gas service in San Francisco at the time was very undependable, and unlike when the electricity comes back on after a power outage, an open and unlit gas jet become an insidious instrument of death when the service is restored. Chilling stuff, no pun intended.

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