Herriman Saturday

Herriman is working hard these days, so we’re scanning hard in solidarity.

On January 6 Herriman does two cartoons; the first is about the Interstate Commerce Commission finally taking a hard look at Union Pacific railroad magnate E.H. Harriman’s wheelings and dealings. Today the news is broken that Harriman did a stock dividend manipulation in concert with Standard Oil.

The second cartoon is a huge full page width boxing extravaganza; Jim Jeffries still looking for takers on his $30,000 purse offer is surrounded by all the possible opponents and various managers and hangers-on.

On the 7th Herriman comes across with a cartoon commemorating the last day in office of Los Angeles mayor Owen McAleer. As Herriman indicates, McAleer had done an excellent job of running the city — his replacement, Arthur Harper, will definitely not be eulogized in so fine a fashion. Note that Herriman must have been unhappy with his original drawing of McAleer’s face — there’s a pretty clear square that’s been redone.

On the 8th Herriman comments once again on the Harriman stock irregularities; Stuyvesant Fish, recently ousted from the presidency of the Illinois Central railroad by Harriman, is rumored to be able to shed some unflattering light on his business dealings. Apparently nothing ever came of it, at least I can find no evidence that he testified.

Our last cartoon serves as an introduction to some personalities in the new Harper-led administration in LA.

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