Miscellany Day

Cole Johnson’s Strip Collectin’ Funnies
Presented for your enjoyment, and entirely without permission, a cartoon from Cole Johnson’s latest snail mail missive to me. My better half thought the cartoon was hilarious — perhaps too hilarious.

Gordon Campbell’s Collection
I was talking to Jeffrey Lindenblatt the other night and the subject of Gordon Campbell and his amazing collection of early tearsheets and original art came up. I still don’t know what happened to his museum-quality collection after his death. It seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Does anyone have any idea what happened to it?

Bud Fisher Lawsuit
D.D. Degg found information about the Bud Fisher vs. Star Company (Hearst) lawsuit on the web and it’s interesting stuff. You can read it here. I find such court documents fascinating for the inside look it gives us to the business of newspaper cartooning. If anyone knows of other available court documents (like the lawsuits for the Katzies, Outcault, Mr. Peewee etc.) I’d love to hear from you.

2 comments on “Miscellany Day

  1. Hello Allan—Well! This is an entirely unexpected honor! I’m glad you enjoyed my enscribbulation so much. Perhaps we can make a t-shirt of this universally relatable situation–maybe four will sell worldwide! Now if only I could find some way to get Mahammod into this cartoon…FROM THE TENNESEE DEPT. OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION—This is to reassure all citizens that the TDEP has safely neutralized the air pollutant and fire hazard clean-up area known as the Gordon Campbell collection, aka Love them comics Canal. All 3200 million pounds of these carbon-based devil delts of dusty death have been reduced to a safe mountain of burnt brownie crumbs and will be graciously given to the poor in Africa in an experimental UN food project, never to cause humor and fun again. The people of Nashville are safe again. YOU’RE WELCOME!!!—–Cole Johnson.

  2. Ooh, not even in jest, Cole, not even in jest. Even the thought of such destruction makes me go have a lie-down until the room stops spinning.


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