Obscurity of the Day: Mother Cod Jingles

Mother Cod Jingles was an activity, rhyme and puzzle feature that ran in the New York Herald from January 18 to February 22 1903. It was created by Marie Overton Corbin and Charles Buxton Going.

Charles was quite the renaissance man — he was a nationally known industrial engineer, but he also wrote a number of books of poetry, a few volumes on history, and several childrens books with his eventual wife-to-be, Marie.

My guess is that in this feature Charles handled the versifying and Marie the puzzles. The drawings seem to have been by various hands (in our sample the half-page drawing is by Willard Bonte, the drawings accompanying the poem by someone else who supplied some scratchy initials — F.I.B.?). How the authors got together with these artists is unknown — were they Herald staffers, or were they in the employ of Going and Corbin?

4 comments on “Obscurity of the Day: Mother Cod Jingles

  1. Sorry to get off subject again–but you were such a help on a previous question that maybe you can help with something that’s been driving me nuts for awhile! There was a strip I remember reading about 1999 or so about a lumberjack and his friends. For the life of me I just can’t think of what it was called or how to find it with a keyword search anywhere. Can you give me any hints? I do remember it was hysterically funny at the time since it tended to be a little political also.

  2. No, not that one–though it’s screamingly funny too! Don’t think this one ran very long, and my memory may be playing tricks on me about the characters. I’m pretty sure there was a lumberjack or park ranger, and maybe some talking animals?

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