Jim Ivey’s Sunday Comics

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3 comments on “Jim Ivey’s Sunday Comics

  1. A question for the maestro: what was the period when you were in the cartoonist’s chair for the Star? (I notice you refer to it as the *Evening* Star!)

    The reason I ask is that among the pretty fair number of editorial cartoon books I have is a series of three books put out by the Star of election cartoons, one in ’48, one in ’52, and one in ’68. Gib Crockett and Jim Berryman split the ’52, and Gib holds down the ’68, though Clifford Berryman still shows up in the ’48, a year before he passed on.

  2. Jim was at the Star from 1948-53. Why his cartoons didn’t make the cut for these books I dunno — we’ll have to wait for Jim to weigh in on the subject.


  3. Jim Ivey being a young man on the Star’s staff in the late 40s/early 50s echoes the early 30s in Chicago, when you had McCutcheon and Orr at the Tribune squaring off against Shoemaker and Block at the Daily News.

    I’m going to engage in idle speculation: perhaps Jim was used to comment on local Washington matters, and thus wouldn’t have shown up in a book dedicated to cartoons on national politics.

    Hmmm…wonder how often he got to meet Cliff Berryman, then.

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