Tsk, tsk…

Jim Ivey supplies a weekly comic strip here for your enjoyment, and is drawing up a new series based on the encouraging positive commentary you gave on the original 46 week series “My Other Life”.

Also based on the apparent interest here in his work, Jim and I put quite a bit of effort into producing the book “Cartoons I Liked” described in the post below. We assumed that you might like to see the sort of work Jim was famous for during his distinguished career as an editorial cartoonist.

I can speak freely here because I will delete this posting before Jim sees it. Granted the book has only just become available, but I can see based on Lulu’s seller tools that only a few of you have gone to look at the book there, and there hasn’t been a single sale as yet.

The book is available there with an option of purchasing for as little as $3. If you want to let Jim know that you appreciate all the work he puts into producing his Sunday comic strip series go buy a copy. Nobody’s looking to get rich here — consider buying a copy as a very cheap vote for the continuation of Jim’s weekly appearance here. Don’t put me in the position of having to tell Jim that his book sold 0 copies folks. As things stand would you blame him if he said to hell with it and asked for his Sunday appearances here to end?

PS — if the reason you haven’t ordered the book on Lulu is that you’re busy writing a letter of appreciation and ordering a personalized copy from Jim, please forgive any affront in this peevish post. You have my deepest gratitude and thanks.

2 comments on “Tsk, tsk…

  1. Hi Allan,

    I’d like to be the first to say that I’m happily in the “PS” category, and can’t wait to finally get word off to Jim that I’d love a personalized copy of, what sounds like, a really fun book!

    I also owe him, long overdue I might add, a look at the Wesley Morse drawings from my collection. He was gracious enough, through Allan’s help, to speak to me aways back regarding Wesley. “Sorry Jim, for further debunking a really great urban myth…three -ahem- friends from Chicago, indeed!”.

    Thanks again Jim, and I’ll be in touch…looking forward to your book.

    Kirk Taylor

  2. Hi Kirk –
    Thanks for the support! Now if a few more folks would do likewise (we’re up to ONE sale on Lulu as of Monday) I’d be a much happier boy.


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