Obscurity of the Day: Versus

Here’s Jack Wohl’s Versus. It stars a little fellow named Walter, his wife, his brother-in-law Bert, and a giant named Sherman. Caught ya off-guard with that last one I bet. Sherman the giant, who unfortunately doesn’t appear in these samples, makes a regular habit of stepping on Walter. A veiled attempt (gossamer thin) at a message about the little guy against a big bad world.

Wohl did this daily and Sunday strip in addition to his more famous Pixies feature (which we might well cover tomorrow since I have some samples right here in my mitt). Versus didn’t catch on all that well, though. The art was excellent but the gags, well, they were okay but pretty forgettable. Not an uncommon problem when a creator tries to juggle multiple features.

Versus was syndicated by King Features from October 13 1969 to April 8 1973.

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