Jim Ivey’s Sunday Comics

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2 comments on “Jim Ivey’s Sunday Comics

  1. May I take a moment to tell Jim how much I enjoy his ramblings? I like the randomness of it and the honesty. It also hold up as a cartoon with some very nice ‘inventions’ like the way he divides anecdotes by a bold line between the panels. So much of the ‘tricks’ of comics is problemsolving and it is amazing how little Jim depends on standard ways of doing these things.

  2. Hi Ger –
    Jim isn’t online but he’ll see your comments once he gets the hardcopy version. I’ll say thanks for the compliments on his behalf.

    I heartily agree with your assessment of Jim’s problem-solving on these pages — great inventiveness on every page. More amazing is that he can actually teach these techniques to others. You might not know that Jim was a cartooning teacher off on and for many years. I took one of his classes (despite being utterly unable to draw) and saw for myself that he uses lots of great examples of creative problem-solving in his teaching that gets the students’ juices flowing. Too bad there’s no art schools in Orlando that teach cartooning. Jim has a gift for teaching that is going to waste these days.


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