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3 comments on “Jim Ivey’s Sunday Comics

  1. Just for laughs, I was wondering if Ivey, during his days on the Examiner in S.F., ever encountered the immortal Lucius Beebe, who I believe during that time was toiling for the rival Chronicle. I have a collection of Beebe’s material he did for the Chronicle, and he surely seems like someone that a man of Ivey’s eye couldn’t possibly miss.

  2. Hi Eric –
    Jim’s not a computer guy, but when he gets the hardcopy of the blog at the end of the month he’ll have a response for you. Watch this space…


  3. Jim Ivey responds:

    “Lucius Beebe didn’t frequent bars popular with the Examiner crowd. Beebe was a dandy and he dressed as such (the opposite of the famous ‘Emperor of San Francisco’ with his mutt dogs) and I never had the experience of making his acquaintance, sadly.

    My time on the Examiner was 1959-66, sort of the beatniks into the hippies era, though I was not part of that scene. For some strange reason their poets came to visit me in my office. Gary Snyder and another whose name I’ve forgotten would show up and start chatting as I inked my cartoon. What the attraction was I was unaware of, as I was just drawing away and listening. Pleasant chaps, not cartoonish.

    I only knew of Lucius Beebe through news articles and columnist items.”

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