Herriman Saturday

With some manual tweaking Blogger is now able to upload images so that they can be viewed. Herriman Saturday can proceed!

These cartoons ran on November 16-18 1906. The first two begin an ongoing chronicle of the Examiner’s continuing hatred of the new government. The third is an illustration accompanying a story about the bane of the automobile dealer’s life, joy riders who pretend to be interested in buying a car just for the thrill of a test drive in the newfangled machines.

3 comments on “Herriman Saturday

  1. Just a note to let you know how interesting these continue to be for me. Every Saturday, I get a glimpse into the history of comics, art, & America, courtesy of both you and George.

  2. Allan: Thanks again for the great postings. The first two cartoons refer to the graft prosecutions against Boss Abe Ruef and Mayor Eugene Schmitz of San Francisco. They were arraigned in November, so these early December cartoons must refer to that. Ruef was eventually sentenced to 15 years in San Quention, but served less than five. Schmitz was twice convicted of extortion, but it got overturned. He eventually made it to the Board of Supervisors.

    Joe Thompson ;0)

  3. Thanks for the details Joe. Wish I’d had more time to read papers as I was making copies to understand the subjects of the political cartoons more fully. I really appreciate the explanations you and others have been adding!


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