Herriman Saturday

The run-up to the O’Brien-Burns heavyweight championship bout has Herriman giving them the nudge in these cartoons of November 21 – 23 1906. Jim Jeffries was cartoon-worthy as well since he was to referee the big fight (and apparently weathered a tornado along the way).

3 comments on “Herriman Saturday

  1. Can anybody explain to me the significance of ‘Beany’ and ‘goat’ (central figures of third cartoon). Bud Fisher lampooned a prosecutor named ‘Beany’ a couple of years later and a goat was involved, in fact Fisher ran with the idea of getting peoples’ goats for a number of weeks, as in these two consecutive headers (circa feb ’08, from the Hyperion first year of A. Mutt):

    “Where in the world is Beany’s goat?”

    “Prosecution wrought up over goat question. Fear other goats may follow.”

  2. Eddie,

    Beanie Walker was a friend of Herriman’s from the Roach Studio. I wonder if there is an in-joke somewhere…

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