Herriman Saturday

These cartoons were published on December 3, 4, 6 and 7 1906. The first and third apparently have to do with Herny Huntington proposing some sort of perpetual franchise for his railroad interests in Los Angeles — an issue that seems to have gone nowhere.

The final cartoon finds Herriman stealing one of Opper’s recurrent titles (Opper’s cartoons were often featured on the back page of the Exminer when Herriman wasn’t there). This is Herriman’s first cartoon about the newly elected Mayor Harper who would have a very stormy few years in office. Apparently the others up for the post were considered pretty unsavory as well. Could the gent at the drawing-board in the first panel be a self-caricature?

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  1. I love your Herriman posts: apart from the great man’s art they are a fascinating window into that time and place. And thanks for all this wonderful material (not just Herriman) for another year. You certainly keep up the high quality; always full of pleasant surprises.

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