Which Twin has the Boni?

When syndicates send out proof sheets of their features to newspaper clients they usually do a good job of checking them for errors and problems beforehand. Inevitably though a problem will occasionally slip by and the syndicates have to send out replacement proofs. The problems are usually minor, like a misspelling or typo, or sometimes the editors will miss something that goes against syndicate policy, like depicting snakes (the Chicago Tribune had a rule about this) or a gag deemed to be in bad taste. Here’s a sample of a Laugh Time panel that had a wee problem that had to be corrected.

Thanks to Cole Johnson for this item.

4 comments on “Which Twin has the Boni?

  1. Am I reading the panel correctly to understand what needed to be changed? The sailor on the left appears to have the number “2” stitched on his crotch in the rejected panel, with no such stitching visible in the accepted panel. Kind of weird (that such a pattern would have been drawn there in the first place, and that an editor would have taken offense at it).

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