Obscurity of the Day: Snapdragon

Here’s another strip that’s been sitting in my mystery pile. This feature did manage to survive long enough to get listed in E&P in 1986, and my one and only example is from October of that year. The creator, Steve Barr, is online and has a website. I sent him an email asking for more information on Snapdragon but unfortunately never received a reply.

The Tribune Media strip about a wizard and his magic dragon would probably have a much better reception in the funnies today with Harry Potter mania sweeping the globe. Too bad for Barr that he jumped the gun by a decade or two!

If anyone has the start and end dates for the feature I’d love to know about it.

2 comments on “Obscurity of the Day: Snapdragon

  1. Tribune Media must’ve been in a fairy tale mode in the ’80s. Aside from this strip, there was also “Conrad” by Bill Schorr and “Mother Goose and Grimm.” Of the three, only “Mother Goose” survived.

    Were there any other fairy tale strips from Tribune?

  2. Steve’s my cousin… I don’t remember what years the strip ran for, but I’ll ask his sister and see if she knows.

    He’s got a series of cartooning books for kids out, in the 1-2-3 Draw set; my daughter just got a couple and is crazy about them.

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