Herriman Saturday

Back in the saddle here at Stripper’s Guide.

This week’s Herriman offerings are from November 2 (the first two) and 3, 1906. The third cartoon is a particularly impressive example of Herriman honing his craft. What a beautiful job of portraying his villains behind the curtain, all conveyed through some very deft crosshatching.

Unfortunately all three cartoons were in bad shape on the microfilm, especially annoying with that masterful one of the 3rd. I had to do a lot of renovating on the images just to get them even halfway presentable. Pretty typical of microfilm, though, that the first few days of a month are in bad shape. Reason being that the original bound volumes, which are typically bound in monthly books, usually have the most wear on the first few issues. These issues are the most likely to have rips and tears, stains, discolorations and yellowing since they were handled much more often than the pages further in.

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