Herriman Saturday

The election results are in. To those not familiar with American politics it might seem surprising that Gillett, tool of the Southern Pacific, won rather than the independent. But that’s the way it goes hereabouts. Independents, no matter how worthy, rarely succeed as anything more than spoilers. From Teddy Roosevelt to Ross Perot to Ralph Nader, and many in between, they find that no matter how badly qualified or corrupt the Republicans and Democrats, their hold on the election process is certain. The elephant and donkey have convinced the American public that a vote for an independent is a wasted vote.

Off my soapbox.

The first cartoon was published on November 7, the second on the 12th. There was one additional Herriman cartoon in the interim but it was in too bad a shape to restore. Now that the election is over and Herriman has gotten some well-deserved rest he’ll come back with a nice potpourri of editorial, sports and assorted other cartoons in the coming months. Stay tooned!

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