A Turkey Day Obscurity

Here we’ve arrived at Thanksgiving and, as usual, I forgot to put aside something special to post for the occasion. So I go riffling through a few of the more accessible piles this morning and, whattayaknow, I came pretty close. Okay, okay, Rhode Island Red isn’t a turkey, he’s a chicken, I know. Use some imagination for cryin’ out loud.

Rhode Island Red was by George Lemont, and ran Sunday only from October 28 1962 to June 26 1966. The star of the show was Red the chicken, the remainder of the dramatis personae being an assortment of other barnyard denizens.

The strip was renamed to Feeny Farm with Rhode Island Red on September 19 1965, then shortened to just Feeny Farm after November 7 of that year. I guess the chicken just wasn’t making it in the leading man role.

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