Herriman Saturday

The top cartoon, another swipe at the Southern Pacific Railroad, was printed on 10/1/06, the other two from 10/2.

The highlight of this batch, full of Herriman wordplay, is certainly the one about the Tommy Burns – Fireman Jim Flynn world championship fight that would take place later that day. Burns KOed Flynn in the 15th round and retained his heavyweight title. Fun fact – though both fighters have very Irish names, they were both pseudonyms. Burns was French-Canadian, Flynn was Italian-American.

2 comments on “Herriman Saturday

  1. that first cartoon has been printed somewhere or other in recent years. Every time I look at the little fellow I can’t help but think of Doberman from the old Bilko TV show.

  2. Another nice set of cartoons. As to Burns vs Flynn, Burns won by KO in the 15th round. Burns was heavyweight champ. He beat Marvin Hart (hardly anyone remembers either Hart or Burns) on 23-February-1906 and lost it to Jack Johnson on 26-December-1908.

    Joe Thompson ;0)

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