Obscurity of the Day: How Would You Like To Be John?

How Would You Like To Be John ran in one of the McClure Syndicate Sunday sections (the one I’ve always termed ‘section A’, not that that means anything to anyone but me) from August 23 1903 to April 9 1905. The cartoonist was John A. Lemon, a fellow whose gags and style are serviceable if not particularly exciting. Lemon’s claim to fame, if he has one at all, is that crazy signature of his. It took a lot of digging to finally figure out his name, though I’m afraid I don’t recall exactly where or from whom the breakthrough came. To make the search even tougher, his weird squiggle looks a bit like George H. Blair’s, another cartoonist of the era.

Lemon’s only known newspaper comic strip work was in these early McClure sections.

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  1. Yes, Gerald Forton did draw some of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe comic strips. He worked at Filmation at the time as did most everyone else affiliated with the strip.

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