Obscurity of the Day: Eve’s Epigrams

For many years I saw this feature as I was paging through old papers, but looking at the tiny panels one at a time like that I thought the art was boilerplate. The Stripper’s Guide index doesn’t truck with features that have unchanging art, of course, so I ignored it. It wasn’t until I saw a bunch of these run together in a weekly paper that I finally realized that the cartoons do in fact change every day.

Eve’s Epigrams featured endless variations on the above portrait along with pithy little sayings. The feature was by Agnes Hucke, who very rarely signed the feature, and it was distributed by Ledger Syndicate. The earliest I’ve found is from 1923, the likely starting year. The panel was advertised in E&P until 1933, but then, as with many Ledger properties, it seems to have been sold off to cheapo reprint syndicates, because I have samples as late as 1937.

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