Obscurities of the Day: Two by F.E. Davidson

Two for one Monday here at the ol’ Stripper’s Guide blog. Both these panel series, which appeared in the Boston Post, ran on Sundays in their magazine section. The first, Miss Rose Lily’s Vacation Days at Shady Hook, ran from August 3 to October 26 1913. The second, The Courtship of Eunice and Eric, replaced it on November 2 and ran until sometime in 1914 (I’m still indexing this paper).

Frank E. Davidson’s only cartooning work that I know of ran in the Boston Post exclusively. These two are his first features for that paper, the last appeared in 1921. He had a severely angular and spare style, an odd choice for these panels that often ran at a pretty large size, up to a quarter page sometimes. He seems to have had little interest in drawing backgrounds, and his figures are positively architectural, constructed mostly of straight lines. It’s the sort of style that is interesting if not necessarily appealing.

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