Herriman Saturday

A short detour today from our reprinting of Herriman’s Los Angeles Examiner cartoons. I just scored this sample of Herriman’s ultra rare series called The Amours of Marie Ann Magee. This two panel toon was syndicated by World Color Printing, one of their earliest and least successful attempts to expand their successful Sunday comics business into daily strips and panels. This Herriman feature , and the rest of their small batch of pretty darn awful dailies, ran in very few papers; in fact the only one that I’ve found running the material was the Washington Star.

The feature ran for just eight installments from July 11 through August 9 1906. I’d love to share more of this series with you but the microfilm of that paper is so dark I was unable to make copies that were much more than black blobs. Lucky for me I found this single sample tearsheet for sale on eBay.

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  1. Just noticed some samples of Amours are on Chronicling America, in the Marion, Ohio newspaper, the summer of 1909. Search the title and you'll see them too …

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