Herriman Saturday

This week’s Herriman cartoons are from September 29 and 30, 1906, two from each date.

Our first cartoon today, a commemoration of the Angels losing 3-1 to Oakland, is a pretty funny cartoon though a bit slapdash artwise (helped not one bit by a too light photocopy). The only player mentioned that I can find information about online is Eli Cates, who had one year in the majors with the Washington Senators in 1908. Despite racking up a very impressive 2.5 ERA, Cates went 4-8 for the lowly Sens.

Herriman’s editorial cartoon on the 29th is far more accomplished art-wise, and continues hammering on the Southern Pacific’s role in California government. Note the design on the skirt of the GOP cage – this sort of design detail would become a Herriman trademark in later years.

On the 30th we have a caricature of Henry Huntington, a real estate and trolley baron in the LA area. You can read about him on this Wiki page.

Finally a story illustration, this one from the ongoing column “Confessions of a Grafter”. As I’ve mentioned before, Herriman was producing these on a regular basis, but most, unlike this one, are small spot cartoons.

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