Obscurity of the Day: The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte

Starting back to regular posts, we’ll begin with a simple one. Simple because I know little about it. In June 1927 the Hearst flagship New York American printed this biographical series adapted from the book by journalist Ida Tarbell. King Features advertised this strip in E&P as part of its series of educational strips, a series that included Dickens novels, biographies, philosophy (great visuals on that subject!) and others that were undoubtedly skipped by most newspaper readers.

Unfortunately I don’t know how long this series ran, nor who contributed the artwork. Anyone have more info?

2 comments on “Obscurity of the Day: The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte

  1. Hello, Allan—Glad to have you back! This “Napoleon” strip looks to me to be drawn by Paul Frehm—What do you think?-Cole Johnson.

  2. Hi Cole –
    Suppose it could be. I haven’t seen Frehm’s work in awhile, but I don’t recall much about it. Besides ghosting Believe It or Not, I only have him doing short stints on Chip Collins and Ted Towers, not much on which to base an opinion.


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