Obscurity of the Day: Marianne

Ethel Hays’ last hurrah at NEA was Marianne, which she created in or a bit before February 1936. It was an oddball item. It was a weekly and sometimes ran in NEA’s Everyweek Sunday magazine supplement or on a Sunday women’s page. The strip was formatted like a daily, but oversized, usually running at 7 columns wide or a full page width.

While the art was vintage Hays, the gags were strictly jokebook material. You could tell her heart was no longer in it. Hays last produced the feature on December 26 1937, and it was later revived by Virginia Krausmann starting around July 1938 and running until sometime in 1939. Dates on this feature are really hard to track down since it tended to jump around in the Sunday papers.

For much more on the career of Ethel Hays I refer you to my article about her in Hogan’s Alley issue 13.

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