Quickie Post Today

I’m ludicrously busy today so no time for a proper post. Here’s an ad for Dick Calkins’ rare Zackie Wack strip, I’ll talk about Zackie some other time.

Also, it has been pointed out to me that the last two posts did not include a “Post A Comment” link. This is not my doing — Blogger is screwing up somehow. Considering that Blogger added a few features over the last couple days I’m not surprised — free software = untested software. This post today will tell me more about the problem. The last two posts were saved as drafts, while I’m composing this one and posting directly. We’ll see if there’s any difference.

One comment on “Quickie Post Today

  1. Allan here .. apparently that DOES have something to do with it since the comment option is showing up on this post. I’ll just not save my posts as drafts for awhile I guess.


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