Obscurity of the Day: Lagunagrins

Phil Interlandi is justly famous for his Playboy cartoons, but less well-known for his forays into newspaper work. He did a long-running but curiously poor-selling panel titled Queenie (which we’ll cover here one of these days), and today’s obscurity, Lagunagrins.

This weekly panel ran only in the Laguna Beach Post, Interlandi’s adopted home. The seaside California community was ripe for Interlandi’s witty pen, and the panels poke fun at the burgeoning tourist trade, the ever hot real estate market, the amateur artist colony and other aspects of life in Laguna.

I only know of this feature through two books reprinting these cartoons, Lagunagrins (1955) and More Lagunagrins (1962). Unfortunately the books shed no light on just how long the panel ran, so if anyone out there has information I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s a link to a site about to Interlandi’s marinara sauce (really – I’m not kidding). One page gives a short bio of the cartoonist.

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