Sponsored Comics: Moxy (+Important Announcement)

I bet some of you were beginning to wonder if there was no end to the wonders in the 1959 Family Comics section. But today is our last strip, and I saved a pretty good one for last. Moxy is a funny animal strip by David Gantz. What’s neat about it is that there are political undertones in it a la Pogo. One of the stars of the ensemble is a Russian bear named Comrade Latka, complete with red star on his shirt. Neat stuff.

Now the important announcement. Because of all the interest in this find of Family Comics sections, and because the strips don’t qualify for listing in my Stripper’s Guide (as they didn’t run in a ‘real’ newspaper) I’ve decided to sell off the collection rather than hoarding it all to myself. As rare as these are, it may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to have one, or perhaps all, of these ultra-rare items in your own collection. The sections are for sale individually on eBay. Here are links to the listings:

Entire Collection
Issue #1
Issue #3
Issue #4
Issue #5
Issue #6
Issue #7
Issue #9
Issue #10

Good luck!

2 comments on “Sponsored Comics: Moxy (+Important Announcement)

  1. Allan,

    Thanks you for sharing these. I was a fun ride. You had something similar about a year ago (on April first) about The Westover Yankee Flyer. That had a lot of unknowns as well and included Boltinoff. Could you as a coda to this series go back to that and maybe show us a bit more from it?

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