Sponsored Comics: Mildred the Zoo-Keeper’s Daughter

Here’s a strip by Ed and Irma Nofziger; Ed did a lot of syndicated work and his best features always starred animals. Animal Antics and Animalogic, both panel cartoons, were his two most successful. Mildred, sort of a Little Iodine set in a zoo, was another of the Family Comics features that was advertised in E&P in 1960 as a standalone.

3 comments on “Sponsored Comics: Mildred the Zoo-Keeper’s Daughter

  1. Nofziger was a very active cartoonist as well – or they were, I never knew it was a couple. This strip is nothing special and neither were there cartoons. But it is interesting to note they started the trend to do a different title panel every week about thirty years before Mutts.

  2. Ger, you’re forgetting those great title panels that the Hearst features used in the teens and twenties before the days of toppers. Some, especially those on Bringing Up father, were just gorgeous.


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