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Blooper Brown is by Andy Sprague, who has a syndication credit on the strip Honeybelle that had a respectable seven year run (1947-53). Looking at these Blooper Brown strips and the Doc Pipps strips from a few days ago, I have to revise my Henry Boltinoff ID on those as being more likely to be Andy Sprague. Of course, having everyone tell me I was wrong about Boltinoff helps some…

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  1. Lambiek.net, who get most of their information of the internet (as you know) picked another original from comicstriffan.com and added the information that Sprague was an assistant of Zack Mosley on Smilin’ Jack.

  2. A bit more googling gave me this as well: The Penn Sate collection has these originals of Andy

    – 673 “”Any Ice Today, Lady?”-Iceman asks naughty girl at door” “watercolor on paper, 8.5×11”

    – 651 “Honeybelle” and Aunt Ginger “watercolor on paper, 13.75×16.5”

    – 757 Self Portrait “ink on paper, 2×2”

    – 418 Turtle sleeping between hole and golf ball
    “watercolor on wooden tile, 15×15”

    Which suggest to me he may have done some cartooning as well. The name seems familar.

    Looking for Honeybelle at Who’s Who I also came across two strips I’d love to hear and see more about at a later point – totaly not related to this.

    art Marvin Stein 65-68
    wr Bud Wexler 65-68

    I’d love to see Marvin Stein’s later work on this. I though he had stopped doing comics at that point.

    art Carl Hubbell 49-50
    Paul Reinman 50-51
    wr Renny McEvoy 49-51

    The missing link for Paul Reinman’s artistic development. Do you know what papers that could be in or how I would find out?

  3. Say do you Honeybelle comics, if so then can you tell me what comic strip shows Honeybelle cossack dancing in what newspaper?

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