Sponsored Comics: Joshua Trust

As promised, here’s the second entry from Russ Manning to appear in Family Comics, Joshua Trust. This western is a much better showcase for Manning’s graphic skills, but oddly enough, he chose this one to pen pseudonymously as Cash Orcutt.

To follow up on yesterday’s discussion, I contacted R.C. Harvey and he has this to say:

Zeke’s operation was Sponsored Comics, but that, it seems to me, was the name of the company he ran. The quasi-Sunday comics section he manufactured was called, simply, “Comics.” The issue I have at hand (dated October 4-6, 1985) has strips by David Gantz (“Don Q”), frank Johnson, Dick Hodgins, Cass Herbert (looks like Ponytail stuff to me), Mutts (ha) by Greg Gilger, Orlando Busino, Frank Hill, Gill Fox, and some others. But no Norman Maurer, not that he’d be a contributor to his own publication—but why not? Anyhow, it’s not called Family Comics.

So now we have another confirmation that Zekley was behind Sponsored Comics, but Harvey is talking about a section from 1985, not 1959. Does anyone know anything else about this much later Sponsored production?

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  1. My Father, Vernon Rieck was a prolific cartoonist from the 40’s, 50’s and early 60’s. He worked at Disney studios, as well as syndicating his strip Johnny Stardust. He also created strips under his pen name Veleri (an eponymous acronym)as well as ghosted on other strips. He loved drawing and was versatile in style, format, and content. He drew a long running Christian strip, as well as the strip “Jennifer”. He had a few other pen names as well.

  2. I was so pleased that Zeke chose 2 of my strips for inclusion. I only have a copy of his promotion piece that I cherish. It never took off in the 80's and I still do my art. The other strip was BONKERS which can still be seen at my website gilgerarts.com.along with MUTTS.

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