Sponsored Comics: Woody Forrest

Here’s a delightful Family Comics item called Woody Forrest from that oh-so-smooth pen of Henry Boltinoff. Boltinoff did a lot of filler strips in DC comic books, plus long runs of the syndicated panel Stoker the Broker and the strip Nubbin. However, he is probably best known as the cartoonist on Hocus-Focus, that visual puzzle where you have to spot the differences between two cartoons.

When you think about it, Boltinoff may have the most recognizable style of any cartoonist on the planet. How many cartoonists can boast that millions of people scrutinize every little detail of his work on a daily basis?

You know, I’ve always wondered. Does Boltinoff draw one cartoon for Hocus-Focus, then make the second by doing adjustments on a stat, or does he draw the two cartoons from scratch? I’ve always assumed it has to be the former, but with Boltinoff’s incredibly smooth and consistent style I bet he could do it the hard way.

3 comments on “Sponsored Comics: Woody Forrest

  1. I’m wondering about how “Hocus-Focus” were drawn, too.

    Anyone here ever saw an original for Boltinoff’s puzzle? How was it drawn?

  2. Actually, I know Boltinoff mostly as the DC guy. Although lately I have been buying a lot of cartoon magazines from the forties and he is all over those.

    By the way, Woody Forrest is one of the few that were offered on e-bay. I think by Lowery as well.

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