Sponsored Comics: Miss Chipps

Here’s Miss Chipps, a single-tier strip from Family Comics. This one was signed Memling and Beckerman. I’m assuming this is writer Carl Memling and cartoonist Howard Beckerman, but I’m certainly open to being told otherwise.

Carl Memling was a prolific children’s book author. He did a lot of tie-in storybooks to TV series and comic strips. My knowledge of Memling’s work is slight, but the adult-oriented nature of this strip would be a significant departure from his typical output.

Howard Beckerman is best known for his work in animation. He is best known for the celebrated Schoolhouse Rock series of education shorts for Saturday morning TV. The style here doesn’t match what he was doing in the 70s, but artists can certainly grow and change in the span of over a decade.

EDIT: No, no, no, no. Howard Beckerman himself sends me an email saying that he had nothing to do with Schoolhouse Rock. This is yet another case of one person making a mistake and it spreading all over the net like a cancer. My apologies for the misattribution. And if you’d like to know what Howard is really up to, as opposed to any fantasies I might concoct for him, visit his website.

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