Jim Ivey’s Sunday Comics

Welcome to a new Sunday feature of the Stripper’s Guide blog, a project by Jim Ivey called “My Other Life”. He produced these pages over the past year or so to include with his voluminous correspondence. They’re done in a wonderfully simple off-the-cuff minimalist style — practically boiling down a story into a series of icons.

Fledgling cartoonists take note at how few lines are necessary to get the ideas across – less is more! The great cartoonist Phil May was once castigated by an editor for using so few lines in his drawings – the editor felt he was being shortchanged. May’s response was that if he could use any fewer lines he would have to charge more.

Most of the pages tell anecdotes from Jim’s (non-professional) life, others are philosophical, but all are delightful, interesting and good reads. I asked Jim if I could share them with you folks on the blog, and he very graciously agreed after making a few minor edits and changes for general public consumption. I’ll be running this original series on Sundays until I run out of material. Most episodes are single pages, but this introductory episode is a special double pager. Enjoy!

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  1. I first met Jim Ivey in the mid 70’s. We spent MANY hours talking, playing cards, and hanging out.

    It’s great that you’re posting Jim’s strips. I hope it inspires him to do more!

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