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Charlie Roberts just sent me a batch of questions, some of which I can answer, some I can’t. So can you help on those I can’t?

Q When did the first Dagwood sandwich appear in Blondie?
Dunno. Anyone?

Q When did Daisy first appear in Blondie?
Dunno. Anyone?

Q When did the Blondie Sunday page start?
A Ooh, one I can answer. Sunday started on 9/21/1930. Daily, by the way, almost certainly started on 9/15/30, not the oft-quoted 9/8/30.

Q I’ve read that Chic Young stopped drawing the strip for a year or so when his son passed away in 1937. Any idea of what time period that was ?
A Wasn’t Jim Raymond handling all the art chores by then? Anyone?

Q When did the “Joe Palooka” daily and Sunday strips start?
A 4/21/1930 and 1/10/32 respectively.

Q Do you have any information on Vin (or Vincent) Sullivan doing cartoons or strips in the Brooklyn Eagle or other Brooklyn newspaper in the late 20’s or early 30’s ?
A Vin Sullivan did have a few things published in the Eagle, little strips on the kiddie page. He did a strip called Jibby Jones that ran VERY sporadically from 1927-29 for that amateur page.

Q Are Fred Harman’s Bronc Peeler originals available?
A I do recall seeing a daily for sale once, so they do exist, but I imagine they’d be pretty pricey. A Sunday with the On The Range topper would, I imagine, be into 5 figures.

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  1. According to “the Dagwood Sandwich was introduced to the American public April 16, 1936.”
    Anybody got that strip?

    From various histories I got Jim Raymond assisting Young by the mid 1930’s (some have said that the 1935 topper Colonel Potterby is a Raymond creation). When Young returned from that year off he returned to the art duties of the daily strip, leaving the Sunday art to Raymond. Raymond assisted on the daily art until 1950, when Young retired his pencil and Raymond was responsible for all the art on the dailies since then.
    I have never heard the exact time that Young took off in 1937, or if it started in 1936 or ran into 1938.

  2. Just a question.

    What day did Percy Crosby’s “Skippy” began?

    Oh, and BTW, I found the Blondie strip with that date. The Dagwood sandwich wasn’t big as it is now known, though. In fact, it was about the size of a regular sandwich. Want to see it?

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